Investment opportunities, endowments and grants to support our Catholic community

The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Washington holds and manages just under $24 million in 162 endowed funds. Our endowed funds support local and regional Catholic education, vocations, community services, and building maintenance and preservation. Learn more about these opportunities below.


The Catholic Foundation’s mission has been to support the work of the Church through the parishes, schools, religious, and charitable programs throughout Eastern Washington. It continues to build, manage, and distribute income from contributions and endowment funds. 

Supporting your Community


View the endowment opportunities available to your parish.

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Finance Councils

Learn more about the options your committee has in supporting your parish.

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Participate in a current endowment or set up an investment plan of your own.

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Grants for Catholic Community Outreach and Religious Education

Each year grant distributions are made through two endowments:  the Catholic Community Outreach Endowment and the Religious Education endowment.

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